When visiting the Russian River area in Guerneville, you are in a remote location, surrounded by beautiful, tall redwood trees, sometimes causing spotty cell phone service making it nearly impossible to order a rideshare. We also often hear from visitors that they tried to order an uber or lyft and it cancelled or never showed! Most rideshare drivers will not drive 20 miles to Guerneville to take someone three miles down the road; they like to stay in urban areas because that’s what the platform is optimized for. 

You can rely on Bill’s Taxi for all your transportation needs. Our drivers are all licensed with the Sonoma County Sheriffs Department and have passed thorough background checks with the sheriff, the FBI, and the Department of Justice. They are drug tested periodically and are fully insured. Our drivers provide you the best experience possible, including great tips on where to eat, drink and play as most them grew up here or have lived here for years.